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Spooky Halloween Crossword Puzzle Printable Activity -

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Spooky Halloween Word Find Printable Activity -

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Spooky Halloween Maze Printable!

Extra Spooky Halloween Maze

Printable Halloween Puzzles and Games Oh boy! This is one spooky Halloween maze to keep your little ones busy as they try to find their way out! Print several copies and have a contest for the first one out! CLICK HERE for the PDF Extra Spooky Halloween Maze Or, click the image for the printable image…      

St Valentine’s Day Printable Word Find Puzzle


Did Cupid hit his mark for you this Valentine’s Day? Either way, this fun little word find puzzle will help you smile! Print out this fun Valentine’s Day word find for your kids or your classroom! PDF Version: Valentine’s Day Word Find

Free Printable Winter Word Find

Winter is my favorite time of year! Here’s a simple and fun way to engage your little students in letter and word recognition. My simple winter word find is available in both PDF and .JPG format for easy printing! PDF: Winter Word Find Print ready image:  

Political Election Word Find Class Printable

American flag background - shot and lit in studio

Have fun and learn about the election with this super election word find! No political affiliation here, just plain fun and education.  Print this out for your class or just for fun!  Use it as a tool to expose children to the excitement of the election process. Here is the PDF: election-word-find And the image version: